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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Marisa is cutting her 2 year molars. She feels the need to let everybody in the house (and outside of the house) know that she is not happy with this teething process. The past two nights have been quite difficult for her - and me - as she wakes up crying and inconsolable for no apparent reason. I finally concluded today that teeth were, indeed, making their appearance. Knowing the culprit for these scream fests does not really make it any easier, though.

Honestly, there is little that a mother can do when her child is cutting teeth. I provide Tylenol. I provide Popsicles. I provide plenty of hugs and kisses and cuddles. Other than that, I just have to sit back and wait this out. Oh, and get up a few times every night to assure Marisa that we all know she is unhappy and we all suffer with her.


SoccerMom said...

Your answer my friend is vodka, no not for her for you... :o)

Seriously I used to just put The girl in bed with us and rub her back it seems to make her feel a bit better and at least we got rest even if not sleep was going to happen.
Good Luck

Mom said...

I wish sleeping in our bed was the answer to my frustrations. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to make any difference.

I'm thinking vodka may be my answer.

Or maybe Grandma. Grandma might be a real good solution to my sleeping problem.

Petula Wright said...

Thank goodness that after four children I have not had any really terrible teething experiences. Maybe I should not speak so quickly since #4 only has 2.5 teeth! I hope this teething phase passes quickly and you get the much needed rest.