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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Splish Splash

It's raining a bit here today, which is nice because that means it isn't miserably hot outside. The girls wanted to splash in puddles on the way into church this morning, but I told them that they would have to wait until time to leave. I told them that when it was time to leave they would be allowed to splash to their little hearts' content.

Children NEVER forget your promises, so don't tell them unless you mean it.

Upon leaving church today, I was reminded that it was time to splash. I resigned myself to a bit of wetness and took a seat on the sidewalk to watch the girls splash in the parking lot.

And splash they did!!!

Their little hearts were not content until after an hour had passed. Luckily I met a new friend and had a very pleasant conversation while my dear little girls rolled in the puddles. (Yes, they literally laid down on the pavement and rolled in the puddles, then giggled profusely at their own cleverness.)

So if you're going to make a promise to your kids - be prepared to follow through.

**God made rain so little kids would have puddles to splash in.**


The Mind of a Mom said...

Oh my gosh I see The boy has been talking to your girls! He would loved to join them!! When he was little that was on of his favorite things to do, water rules!