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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Let's Start a Conversation...

I want to chat with my readers today. I would love an answer to the following questions.

1) What is your greatest strength as a parent?

2) What is your biggest weakness as a parent?

3) What is the one lesson that you hope your child will learn as she grows up?

4) If you could make one significant change in your parenting, what would you change?

Let's chat today...


theresa said...

Ok, I'll play...

1. My greatest strength might be my own internal kid.
2. My biggest weakness is my lack of patience. I beat myself up about this all the time.
3. I want my daughter to be smart, but most of all I want her to learn kindness.
4. More time, I want more time to enjoy her and learn from her.

Mom said...


Thank you for responding.

I believe that my inner kid is also my greatest strenght - and my lack of patience is my biggest weakness.

There is never enough time... though there are days when I wish they would grow up already and learn to be more independent. (sigh)

StaceyC4 said...

Okay, I have to agree that my greatest strength is my inner child and that my biggest weakness is patience.

The one lesson that I hope they will learn is that success is not measured by the amount of "stuff" that they have. It is being a good person and being loved.

If I could make one significant change in my parenting, besides having more patience, I would probably try and encourage more.

Neo said...

Hmmm all the questions to parents ...Well I'm not married

But when I will be a parent I will not scold my child...infact I will try to make him/her understand his/her fault and how it should be done.


Mom said...

Stacy - I agree. I hope my children learn that stuff is just that - stuff - and that there are far more important things in the world.

Mom said...

Neo -

Thank you for taking the time to answer, even though you are not yet a parent.

I'm curious to know what you mean by "scold" when you say that you will not scold your child.

Frankie said...

My biggest strength as a parent? It's unfortunate that I can't come up with something right away, but as I think about it I guess I would say my consistency. Although I break the schedule sometimes and do things a little differently other times, we have a fairly consistent schedule, discipline, etc.

My biggest weakness is definitely my lack of patience and temper. The temper I can normally control, but the patience is a battle everyday.

I hope my children learn to be responsible, happy and productive people who are strong, capable and confident.

If I could change one thing, I would probably change the way I deal with them when I'm feeling impatient and how I schedule my days around what I need to do for/with the children.

T.H said...

done here