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Monday, October 5, 2009

Calendar Keeper

Kira is in the process of learning about the days of the week and the months of the year. She's learning the concept of time and planning things for future dates. To help her with this, I will be buying her a calendar that will be hers alone. Her calendar will most likely have horses on it...

If you want to help your own child learn these concepts, purchase a calendar for them. Put the calendar low on the wall so your child can see it easily. Use stickers to mark special dates on the calendar. You can also use simple words that are easy to read. Mark dates like birthdays, project due dates, or special occasions.

Each day, be sure to discuss the calendar with your child. Include a discussion of what is planned for that day, as well as what plans have been made for the near future.

This open discussion will help your child visualize the days of the week and how those days flow from one to the other. It will also make your child feel very grown up to have her own calendar to keep up with her own activities.

One last thought: Your child's calendar should reflect her personality and interests. Pick a calendar that has pictures of something special that your child likes. (like horses...)


Petula said...

Good idea. My two middle kids are getting the months and days down pretty well, but I still need to put a calendar up. I had one before, but never replaced it. Might help the little one grasp what they're talking about. She knows Friday though 'cause it's every other Friday that their dad comes to get them.

I also need to get an analog clock. My kids think clocks are only numbers inside a black box. LOL

blueviolet said...

Wonderful idea! I like to put my own calendar right at my eye level so that makes sense to do it for the kids too! said...

Very good idea indeed. Funny this post is about calenders. I new store opened up near me and I went in there today and all he sells is calenders, of every size and shape. :-)