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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Marisa's Hair

You may have read a few days ago where Marisa took it upon herself to cut her hair. If you did, you will be well aware that this happened while Mommy wasn't home. If you have not read about Marisa's escapades with scissors, check out that link where it says "cut her hair" and read all about how my wonderful husband failed to pay proper attention to her while I was away.

I would like to say that I was way too sick to suffocate him in his sleep. He did mention something about me being nice enough not to do such a thing. In reality, I was just too sick to care.

For the past few days I have been basically living with Marisa's lopsided hairdo. I have had neither the energy nor the inclination to attempt to fix the hair. She was, after all, quite pleased with her new do. Any strange looks that we may have received from other parents were avoided by the simple fact that I've been too sick to go anywhere or do anything much at all. We did go to the zoo on Wednesday, but it was basically deserted.

Today, I decided it was time to fix the hair. I gathered scissors, clippers, and Marisa. Mind you, Marisa did a number on her hair. It was barely a quarter of an inch away from her scalp on the very back of her head. The only way to fix it.... make it short all over. I was hoping to minimize the removal of hair and just kind of blend it all together. Marisa, of course, had other ideas. Marisa is notorious for her inability to sit still. While I was using the clippers to blend the hair, she jumped and caused me to cut a valley bigger than the Grand Canyon in the midst of the back of her head.


The entire back of her head had to be clipped and sheared to fix that particular mistake. Oh - and don't think for one minute that she made it easy for me by sitting still. When Dad walked into the bathroom to take his shower, I quickly held up my hands to protect him from the shock. Marisa's hair is now reminiscent of the style that Kira received after her stint in the hospital. You can read about that one HERE. The biggest difference between Kira's hair and Risa's hair is that Risa now has very little hair on the back of her head. She basically ended up with the back side of her hair shaved nearly smooth. Kira at least had a half an inch of hair left on the back.

I'll take a picture and post it within the next day or two. Right now my camera batteries are dead. I need to locate that charger... It's around here somewhere.

("Marisa... where did you hide my battery charger?")